Web Pro is Much More Than Just a Website!

Unleash the power of your store’s brand with this comprehensive web marketing solution. With Web Pro your brand will stay ahead of a changing marketplace and your local advertising and marketing will generate the greatest return on investment, in addition to saving you time and money. Plus, it’s all done by a professional team specializing in flooring.

What’s Included with Web Pro?


  • Extensive product catalog available with Destination products
  • Videos on home page – can add more!
  • Blog and social media integration
  • As much or as little access as you want
  • If you invest in six core Destination programs you get a specialized Destination site with a template specific to those programs
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • 3 CarpetsPlus videos
  • Custom pages included
  • Continuous monitoring of site uptime
  • Site maintenance and backup
  • Monitor your domain expiration date
  • Print, video & advertising resources
  • Changes are free – just call or email Chris or Rob

It’s More Than a Website – What Else Do You Get?

In addition to a website, you also get access to Web Pro’s Media Pro website where you get content to use on your website, on social media, in TV spots, radio spots, direct mail and print ads. To view and download content, go to alliancemediapro.com and sign in. Plus, a printed POP kit is shipped to you for most sales with posters and more.


Web Pro provides you with local marketing campaigns to address some of the biggest challenges you face, including:

  • The time and money it takes to get it all
    done in time
  • Coordinating traditional, digital and social channels for a complete campaign
  • Capitalizing on ad opportunities without the
    hassles of doing it all yourself
  • Reducing the costs related to ad creative
  • Controlling brand identity across a growing number of marketing channels


  • Media Pro website for downloading files
  • Expanded Promotion Calendar
  • Social Media Calendar with posts & post pics
  • POP Kit delivered for each sale
  • Customizable ad slicks
  • Direct Mail pieces
  • 15, 30 & 60 second jingles for radio/TV spots
  • Radio Scripts for each sale
  • TV Spot for each sale (on request)
  • Website graphics for each sale
  • Facebook cover and timeline graphics
  • Promotion Planning Calendar with timeline
  • Guide on How to Run a Promotion
  • Advertising & Marketing Tips
  • Password-protected access

Compared to doing it on your own, Web Pro will save you money. For instance, to get a total advertising campaign designed and produced would cost you hundreds of dollars or more — not to mention all the time it would take to make sure the design works across all ad channels.

Web Pro provides you with complete local marketing campaigns to address some of the biggest challenges you face by reducing costs and saving time involved to create and run your campaigns.

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